The Frisian Tribe project

This project started as a graduation project. The goal with this project is to show the Frisian (and non-Frisian) people how rich the history is and how old the Frisian tribe is by making tattoo designs based on the earliest period of existence of the Frisian tribe. The majority of the Frisians know nothing of the beginning of this tribe/nation, and I would like to change this!

For I believe that the knowledge of your own heritage can create an understanding of other peoples cultures, including your own.

Within this project I did research about Frisia in the period 500 – 700 after Chr.

They did not write in this period so there wasn’t a lot of information which I could use. With help of experts on this I have been able to make designs based on findings of jewelry and other items from this period.

These tattoo designs represent ancient Frisia, which will be tattooed on Frisian people that feel the connection with the ancient tribe they belong in.

Together with the Frisians I want to create a modern Frisian Tribe feeling by embodying the designs from that period onto the skin!

If you’re interested about this project and would also like to join the Frisian Tribe by getting a tattoo, just contact me for details.


Join the Frisian Tribe!