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About the artist

My name is Elbrich Schoorstra. In 1996 I was born in a small city in the northern part of Frisia, the Netherlands. When I was 12 years old I picked up drawing. Three years, and a lot of drawings, later I became interested in tattooing. I started to practice with a tattoo machine but I discovered it was not for me and I continued to just draw. That was until I discovered the art of handpoke tattooing at a viking festival in Germany. Truly inspired, I started practicing the ancient art of tattooing by hand at the age of 18. Now I’m fully dedicated to handpoking at my own shop named ‘Drakkar Tattoo’. I specialize in Viking, Norse, Pagan and Frisian designs. The rich history and mythology of Frisia makes for one of a kind designs and a unique specialty of Drakkar Tattoo.

What is handpoke tattooing?

As the name implies handpoke tattoos are made only by hand and not a machine. With handpoke tatooing the same materials are being used as with the regular tattoo machine but the needle will puncture the skin dot by dot by the hand of the artist only. This way of tattooing and the results that come out of it are seen as more natural and organic. This is one of the oldest ways of tattooing since mankind. The oldest discovery of tattooed skin stems from 4000 BC.

What is the difference between handpoke and machine tattooing?

The main difference is that the handpoke technique causes less trauma to the skin. And therefore heals a lot quicker than machine tattoos. That’s why handpoke tattoos require minimal aftercare. There is no need for plastic wraps, and tattoo cream can be put on for only 3 weeks in most cases. There is next to no risk of it getting infected due to the minimal trauma and it is therefore ideal for people with skin problems or medical conditions that slow down the healing. Of course the healing period is different per person and per skin type, so bear in mind that it can take 2 weeks or it can take 6 weeks before the skin is fully recovered. Just keep it clean and care for it during this period of time. One other difference is that a handpoke tattoo takes a bit longer to make than a machine tattoo. With smaller tattoos it’s around the same time, but the bigger the piece the longer the time difference will be.

Does it hurt more?

Most clients say it hurts less, even way less. But that also depends on the placement of the tattoo and on the painthreshold of that person.

A photo

Frisian Tribe tattoos and designs

The Frisian Tribe started as a graduation project. The goal with this project is to show people how rich the history of Frisia is and how old the Frisian peoples are by making tattoos and designs based on the earliest period of existence of these peoples.

Within this project I did research about Frisia in the period 500 – 700 after Chr. They did not write in this period so there wasn’t a lot of easy access information. There are however more and more physical discoveries being made on Frisian soil. The artwork made on these objects are the main source of inspiration for the Frisian designs. Objects such as sceattas (form of silver coins) have been found in Scandinavia but also on Frisian grounds around the period of 650-755 AD. Or golden bracteates which were a form of jewelry (5th - 7th century AD.) And bone and antler objects (hairpins, combs, discs etc.) derived from Frisian terp-mounds are discovered with fascinating artwork. The designs can be a mixture of Scandinavian artwork intertwined with subtle hints of Frisian elements, or exclusively Frisian artwork. In both cases the goal of the designs are to represent ancient Frisian ancestory, tattooed on people that want to connect with their roots.

If you’re interested in this and would also like a Frisian design/tattoo or a tattoo with elements of Frisian artwork in it then send me a mail via my contact page, or directly at info.drakkartattoo@gmail.com

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Important to know!

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The process

After getting a date set we discuss the tattoo design which can either be by email (including pictures for inspiration) or we discuss ideas in person in the shop. One design will be made and sent to you 1 or 2 weeks in advance of the appointment and any adjustments that the client wants will be made on the day of the appointment. The whole booking and designing process are developed in a way which will work most efficient for both the artist and the client. Thank you for understanding!

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